Thursday, September 26, 2019

My Emma Girl #2

March 25, 2018-3 years old
While I was doing our Bible curriculum during school with Colton and Kenzie, Emma often sits in and colors while she listens. I have an app on my phone that will read the Bible out loud. Its a nice change of pace since its mostly my voice they hear all day. The app is a strong male voice. After listening to our certain selection of the day Emma asks me "Is that actually God!?!" Hehehehe!

April 23, 2018
*Caylee screams from the backseat of my car*
Me: Emma, why is Caylee screaming?!?
Emma: She's okay. I was trying to shove a sock in her mouth.

April 27th
Emma was taken to my mother in laws house after a Master Club carnival and immediately asked for a snack. My mother in law responded "I think you have had enough crap for one day". Emma replied back with "I only had two craps". Hahahaha!

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May 4th
My dad was gold panning up near Grimes creek and my mother was walking along the road with Emma...
Emma: "I'm trying to listen to my brain"
My Mom: " What is your brain saying?"
Emma: "I don't know"

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May 7th
Emma was telling her Aunt Holly that her and Aunt Holly would be evil queens. Holly asks Emma "What will Uncle Heath be?" which she replies "he's the cat!" Hahahahahaha!

June, 2018
Emma was being watched by Aunt Holly and Uncle Heath and she witnessed them kissing and exclaimed "ewww, you're hurting my brain".

June, 24th, 2018
*Emma starts whining*
Me: I am not going to answer you while you are whining.
-Emma then stops to think about it placing her hands over her ears and exclaims "I'm trying to get the whining out of my head."

June 27, 2018
I asked Emma "how is it that you woke up looking older?"
She then asked me if that means that she grew up over night. After my affirmation she then replied with a sneaky grin "that's cause I got up and sneaked a snack." Hahahaha!

September 2018
We visited a new church this morning and I went to pick up Emma from her class and the teachers called for "Makenzie, come here". Emma runs to the door and gives me a big hug. Then she looks up at me, giggles and with a sly smile admits "I told her my name was Makenzie". :)

March 28, 2019
We are part of a physical education co-op that in the winter time arranges with local indoor places for us to visit so the kids can get some energy out while still being indoors. This week just happened to be Spring Break and our rotation called for Circus Trix, which is a local indoor jungle gym/trampoline park. Upon arrival I realized that Spring Break meant there were about triple the amount of kids that I normally see there. It made me a little nervous while I was in line because I knew it would be difficult to keep an eye on my own three children with so many others around.
However, as soon as I got wrist bands and the kiddos had socks on they disappeared. Caylee and I took our time gathering strewn shoes and heading up the ramp to sit down on one of the couches so I could attempt to keep a watchful eye on my three crazies. Literally as soon as I had parked the stroller and sat down I saw a young girl about nine or ten carrying a crying Emma. The young girl said "sorry" and ran off to play. Emma explained through tears that she landed wrong and now couldn't walk. Of course, I know that kiddos over react so I told her to sit down and rest and she would feel better soon. Immediately after she lay down on the couch next to me she fell asleep. My NOT sleep deprived child who in fact is my worst sleeper ever falling asleep in the middle of a jungle gym was my first sign that something was wrong. I called my mother in law to see if she could watch my other kiddos, dropped them off at her house and headed for the doctors.
After ex-rays and a doctor visit, I was told it was not broken but she probably had a bone bruise (which is supposed to be very painful in and of itself). So, we were sent home to give Emma some rest and have her not try to walk on it until the morning. Now, granted up until this point. Emma WOULD NOT put any pressure on her leg whatsoever and would scream if I even tried to do it. After a full nights sleep (in Mommy and Daddy's room) she still would not put pressure on it and Daddy demanded I call the doctor back. At the stroke of nine in the morning (when the doc is in) I went to pick up my phone and instead received a call from them explaining that the radiologist had detected a break and she had a clean break all the way through her left leg right underneath her knee. Ugh. Two casts for two months (plus a wheelchair) and then three more months of therapy to learn how to walk and that is the story of how Emma broke her first bone.

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Colton Antics Take 5

December 8, 2017
We were at church on our way to the Christmas play put on by Treasure Valley Baptist School. Colton was excidetly trying to get to the gym (to eat and see his friends) and thus he was running through the parking lot. I raised my voice to get his attention and said" Is running through a parking lot safe? Your number one job is to stay safe". Barely missing a beat he replied with "And my number two to be awesome!". OH. MY. WORD.

December 25, 2017
Its Christmas day and Colton was so excited to give me his gift. I opened it to find a knitted beanie. I love beanies. In fact, if I am cold I will just go and put on a beanie, even if I am in the house. Anyways, this particular knitted beanie was extra special. All by himself he approached a friend of mine through a handwritten letter from him and asked if she would knit me a beanie for Christmas. He then proceeded to pay her (granted not enough) for her services and even submitted a design that he wanted her to follow on what he wanted to hat to look like. Thus produced my hat. A hat I will NEVER EVER get rid of. :)

January 1, 2018
Colton has been very concerned about dating (or courting) and marriage today. He asked me how a boy is supposed to know when he finds the girl he is going to marry. He then asked me how Matt asked me to marry him and I told him the whole story.
We discussed why people have girlfriends and what he needed to do before he could get a girlfriend (finish school, get a good job, and have enough money...we talked in detail how EXPENSIVE wives were ;) )
He wrote a letter to his crush (first one--she will remain anonymous but I am hoping I remember) asking her out on a date so we talked about when he could actually give her the letter (same things as listed above for when he could get a girlfriend). We had a big juicy conversation on listening to God's voice on who you should marry and more....apparently one of his friends told him on Sunday that he had a girlfriend so it has sparked some questions from Colton's end. (Man, this starts younger than I expected!!)
I can tell that his questions make him uncomfortable but he really wants to know cause he has been following me around like a little puppy with a sheepish grin on his face trying to muster up the courage to ask me the questions. It's been really cute watching him go through the whole process of getting the nerve to ask me and talk to me about it.
Towards the end of the day he asked me to teach him how to make a grilled cheese sandwich (which I did) so he could give it to his wife someday and help her out in the kitchen. Man! I hope he is a good husband who listens to God and loves his wife.
January 16, 2017
For Master Club, Colton had the assignment to create a poster or invitation about the Bible. It needed to be colorful and enticing so people would notice it. Upon showing me the poster I couldn't help but laugh when I read the bottom and it was short and (in your face) to the point. At least that's what I thought it said: Will you come to church sinner? It actually read: Will you come to church, sign here. Hahahahaha!
January 17, 2018
I was doing a history lesson on Xerxes the First (Queen Esther's Husband) and Colton had an activity he assigned while I was reading aloud about his life. After I was done reading I turned to him and looked at his COMPLETELY WHIE paper. I was shocked at first until I noticed his sly grin.---He had finished his assignment in invisible ink. Meaning I couldn't read it until he colored over it. :) My little trickster.
February, 2018
At bedtime Colton was asking some pretty big philosophical questions. One of them was asking why he was the oldest in the family. I explained that God must have known that he could be responsible to help mommy and daddy out and be mature. He was saying how he didn't like that. I then responded by telling him how Matt is the oldest and had to be responsible with Megan and Holly and how I was the oldest and had to help with my sisters too. He came back with "OOOOO! That must have been hard for you!" (YES, it was ;) ).
April, 21, 2018
This story actually starts last night when Colton was able to spend the night with his Pop. They were going fishing today so they were up and at 'em early. They went fishing up past Lucky Peak some where. They were not expected back till well past dark. So, when I saw an incoming call from my Father-in-law around 2pm I knew something was up. Especially when I answer the phone and I hear "So...he is okay, but Colton needs stitches". Um. Ok. Not my first rodeo. ;)
I may have a few of my facts off cause this is being told to me by my seven year old. But apparently Colton was given permission to be a knife owner. He had witnessed his Pop using his knife to cut the plastic off of a six pack of soda and decided he needed to try it also. But of course, its his first time using one so he slipped and caught his hand instead. Since, he figured he would be in trouble he tried to hide it from his Pop by going into the bathroom and wrapping it with paper towels. But, Pop is not one you can hide things from and he noticed it right away. My favorite part is the fact that Colton was so upset that he had to come back down to the valley to get stitches cause it interrupted his fishing trip that after the urgent care visit was all taken care of, him and Pop went back up and finished their fishing trip. That's my boy!
August 26th, 2018
We had a discussion on the way home from swimming about what we think is in heaven. Brother said he doesn't think there will be guns or knives in heaven cause there are only good people in heaven and we won't need them. Later sis says "there are flowers in heaven". I asked her how she could be so sure. She replied back with "cause God made it a wonderful place (like the song) and flowers are wonderful." Colton then quietly says to himself "that means guns will be there, cause they are wonderful". ;)
August 27, 2018
Colton had had a particularly bored day (first day his friends went back to school). He pulled out his science book and started to ask me if he could do this experiment or that experiment. But, all I heard was "big mess....another big mess" so I said no and he had to find something else to do.
He started to get a little frustrated when Sis pipes up "just take the science book with us to Grandma's. Remember, she lets us do anything we want." Hahahahahahaha!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

My Emma Girl

June 19, 2015--11 months old
Each morning I have to water my flowers, I take all three kiddos and the two dogs with  me. We were currently in the front yard and Emma is tromping through the grass watching the dogs eat the grass. She was staring very intently when I watched her bend down and try to eat the grass like the dogs. She didn't think it tasted very good.

September--13 months old
My parents were in town visiting and we decided to go out to breakfast to one of the kid's favorite breakfast places--Cracker-barrel. I am getting out of my car with my coffee in hand, proceeding to walk up to the restaurant when my mother (without a word) takes my coffee from me. I gave her a puzzled look and she replies "what about the baby?" know you have had a long week when you remember the coffee but yet forget the baby. Disclaimer: I forgot her for a total of 30 seconds.

October--15 months old
I caught Emma brushing her teeth this morning. Unfortunately it was with her brothers toothbrush and she was standing next to the toilet....I will let you connect the dots! Ugh!

2017--2 years old
Emma asked me to take her potty and she was obviously trying to go poop when she ripped a huge fart. Without even missing a beat she yells out "Start your engines"! (What!?!)

July 2017--3 years old
We have been in the process of moving and its a lot of work for my 7 month pregnant body and I was tired. Meanwhile, Emma is bouncing off the walls and carrying on like any normal three year old would do. I look over at her and ask "Can I have some of your energy?" Without even missing a beat she responds with "It's coffee!" --OH MY WORD! She is so my child!

October 2017
Emma came to me and exclaimed in a dramatic voice "mom *sigh*, I need something chocolate." I laughed so hard and then told her I completely understood how she felt.

November 2017
Kenzie and I were discussing being able to count to 20 and Emma piped up and exclaimed "I can count to twenty! 1...2...3...20! See! I told you I could.". ;)

December 15, 2017
Emma and I were doing phonics together and we had picture cards layed out that she had to name and then match the rhyming words together. We got to the word "cake" and she exclaims "CAKE!"... (and then whispers to herself) "Oooo, I like cake". A few minutes later I instructed her to sit on the brown chair. She gets up, points to the chair in confusion and asks "what color is this?" I respond with "brown-y". She leans in to be and whispers "momma, you just said brownie". (I think I know what's on her mind)

January 2018
I took Emma on a date to Jump time and then to Chic-Fil-A for dinner. After eating I asked her if she wanted ice cream or hot chocolate as her special treat for dessert. She immediately responded with ice cream so I walked up to the counter, ordered ice cream and brought it back to her. Once she was done eating it she then asked for some hot chocolate. I calmly reminded her of my question and how she chose ice cream as her special treat. She looked at me with her big, innocent eyes and replied "Well, I changed my mind". Hahahahaha I then had to explain how it doesn't work like that. ;)

February 15, 2018
Colton and Makenzie have been enrolled in a P.E. co-op in our area and have been talking about how they get to go to Yoga all day today. In the car on the way there, Emma asks "can I get out of the car and go in with you and Kenzie and Colton?" When I responded with an affirmation that she was able to go inside with us she announced... "YES! I have been wanting to see what Master Yoda looks like!" (Yoda...Yoga) ;) Ha!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Colton Antics Take 4

Sometime in the near past
We were on our way home from church on a Sunday morning and the kids were all jabbering away when I heard Colton behind me says " Momma, I love going to church. When I grow up and find a wife, I am going to go to this church". *My prayer is not that he stays in this church his entire life, but that he stays in a church his entire life. * :)

January 22, 2017
Colton was saved tonight. He has been asking to get saved for months. Both Matt and I were saved at a young age and we both wanted to make sure he was ready and understood completely. He would often ask me about it and I would quietly tell him that if he was serious to ask his Dad about it when he got home. This was my attempt to make sure he was under conviction and that Matt had a chance to talk with him about whether or not he understood completely. Each time he would either forget or not quite understand WHY he needed to get saved. Tonight was different. He explained to his Daddy that he was a sinner and needed Jesus to save him so he could go to heaven. Thankful to God that he convicted my little boy enough to get saved. AMEN!

February 2017
Colton got a sucker at church one Wednesday night and we noticed that a few minutes after sucking on it, his three year old cousin had it in his mouth (Dexter). When Colton was questioned on why Dexter now had his sucker he replied with... "don't worry, I sucked off all the germs first". What!?! Oh my goodness. I guess we need a lesson on germs. ;)

March 2017
Colton came inside from playing in the sandbox with Sis and explains" Sis and I are building an altar for a sacrifice". Then he goes on to ask... "since Koda is a meathead, Sis and I were wondering if we could use her as the sacrifice?" What!?! (Just as a side note, he recently read about sacrifices in the Bible and Koda is our dog).

March 13th, 2017
Colton received his first black eye today. Knowing my son, I would NOT have guessed that this is how he did it.....he was taking a shower and I heard a piercing scream. I ran into the bathroom and he had fallen and had hit the soap dispenser cut out on the side of the tub. Guess that shower was meaner than it looked. ;)

July 2017
I heard the girls screaming "kill it with my shoe", kill it with my shoe". Then Emma comes running towards me explaining there is a bug in the bathroom. I go investigate and find Colton standing over a pincher bug. I tell him to move over so I can kill it. He stands up, looks me in the eye and responds with "don't worry momma, I already killed it with my gun". (As he proceeds to show me the nerf gun in his hand). Hahahahahaha ! I was impressed....cause he did actually kill it by shooting. #hunterintraining

September 9, 2017
During our read aloud time we rotate between a bunch of different "genres" of books. One of them is a joke book. This particular morning the joke was "Why is a snake fun to hang out with?". Colton normally will try to answer the joke. This one he answered with "cause they  might hiss you off". Hahahahahaha! The real answer was "cause they are hiss-terical" but I think I like his answer best.

September 23
I made Chicken Fried Rice for dinner but left it on the counter to cool before dishing it up to the kids. Apparently Colton wanted to improve it cause when I got back he had added some ingredients to it. Let's just say it was VERY GARLICKY when we ate it. (He also added more eggs, sesame oil, soy sauce and onion to it). I guess that's what happens when he watches cooking shows with his Nonna. #choppedintraining

November 28, 2017
We were cleaning up the kitchen after dinner and I have Pandora on in the background when Colton turns to me and asks "Momma, would you care for a dance?"---And the dishes were set aside. ;)

December 2017
I had just woken up from a nap and found a note put under my bedroom door from Colton. It read "Mom, I love you so much. I am at the mailbox. I am old enough to have more freedom. I can handle myself. Leave the door open all night. From Colton"....Luckily when I dashed out the door I found him quietly sitting in front of the TV watching Netflix. Turns out he realized it was a bad idea and told me he changed his mind. ;)

Friday, September 15, 2017

My Kenzie Girl #3

April 2016

While visiting my parents in California my Dad took Makenzie on her own special date. At the end of the their date he took her by a frozen yogurt shop where I worked at in high school. My family had grown to know the owner well (another one of my sisters worked there for a bit also). At the end of their visit with Bob (the owner) my Dad instructs Kenzie to tell him bye. As they are walking out the door she waves and yells back "Bye Bob, your'e an idiot!". Since the yogurt store is right across the street from the high school it was filled with high school students who started laughing and then proceeded to give her high fives. Once they got in the car my Dad immediately questioned Kenzie why she would say something so rude. Her response was "Its from the movie: Minions....Bob...he's an idiot". Hehehehehe!

May 2016

We had gone to California to visit my parents and we (Colton, Kenzie, Emma and Me) were taking a potty break in the airport before saying our final goodbyes. Kenzie is in the stage where she wants to do everything herself so she asked if she could go into the bathroom stall next to mine. When I gave her permission I followed up with "lock the door and she replied "okay, momma". I waited maybe two seconds and instructed again since I did not hear the door lock "Kenzie, lock the door", which she happily replied with "okay, momma". After another two seconds and not hearing the door lock again I instructed a little firmer with "Kenzie, lock the door.".....another cheery "okay, momma followed" but still no lock. Deciding to take a different approach I finally asked "Makenzie, did you lock the door?" Which she replied "Oh, I forgot". (Remember this whole conversation took about 10 seconds). This brought laughter from the other bathroom patrons including Grandma. :)

Sometime Later
The kiddos will often awake in the morning while I am reading my Bible on the couch. Normally they will quietly come and sit next to me until I am done or they get hungry. On one such morning Kenzie, was hungry and asked for a cookie (Oreo). I replied, "No, you can't have a cookie, but you can have a cracker if you want". She waited a few minutes and then asked for a cookie again which I responded with the same reply again. She then got up and went searching in the pantry...I was engrossed in my Bible reading but a little bit later I realized Kenzie was back on the spot next to me on the couch so I looked up and discovered her chowing on two Oreos. Appalled, I sternly told Kenzie "I told you you could only have crackers, NOT cookies". Makenzie in all her innocence replied back with a whisper "I'm pretending its a cracker". Hahahahaha!

Another Sometime Later
I'm having a hard time keeping up with the funny anecdotes that my kiddos say (Imagine that with three crazy kids). Anyways, Those of you who know Kenzie, knows that she is NOT a morning person. One of these not so good mornings Makenzie wasn't being the sweetest to her brother and sister so I politely reminded her to use "her kind words". She quickly responded with in the most innocent voice as if she had a perfect excuse for her behavior... "But mom, all my kind words are gone".

Kenzie will often be found talking to herself or talking to whoever she is imagining she is playing with. One time recently I walked by a room that Kenzie was playing in and overheard her saying " I am going to paint my nails all pretty and show them to Xander". Not sure if it was Xander Nihart she was referring to or Xander Lacy our next door neighbor but either way I thought it was funny. 😊

I caught Kenzie crying and asked her why her eyes were all red. I expected her to explain what made her sad but instead she looked up at me and said "because my eyes are rainbows".

My kiddos often get to go on dates with their aunts and sometimes even spend the night. One time Kenzie was spending the night with her Aunt Meggie. They were all tucked into bed when Makenzie (who was obviously hot temperature wise) said to her Aunt Meggie "your hotness is getting in the way of my hotness". OMG!

April 2017
I did something that impressed Kenzie and she turned to me and said "Mom, you're really like a hot dog. :) I wasn't sure whether to take that as a compliment or not. ;)

July 2017--5 years old
On Matt's birthday I had gotten him a card and laughed with the kids about how Daddy was getting old. Making sure they knew I wasn't making fun of Daddy I added "but Momma isn't too far behind though. I will be old soon too.". In pure innocence, Makenzie responds with "Momma, you are already old".   #outofthemouthsofbabes

September 1, 2017
Matt is in Pennsylvania for a transition course to the Blackhawk helicopters. He decided to spend one weekend driving up to New York and playing tourist. He was sending the kiddos pictures of his adventures. One of them contained the Statue of Liberty. Before I showed them the picture I asked all the kids who the Statue of Liberty was. Kenzie piped up with "she is the lady holding the hamburger. ;) I laughed and told the story but then a couple weeks later I was taking the kiddos out on a date and they chose to eat at Red Robin...low and behold they have a statue in the waiting area of a Statue of Liberty holding a hamburger.....ok. That's where she got it from.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Colton Antics Take 3


The day after he turned five, I asked him whether he could do a specific task. He turned to me with this know it all look on his face and replied with "I'm five now mom". (as if to say that since he is five he can do anything). :)

It was late one evening and I needed to do a Target run to pick up a wedding shower present for a friend. Colton asked me why I was buying an electric water kettle when I already had a tea kettle at home. I explained to him in the store that it was for Miss Michelle and Mr. Jake who were getting married. The following conversation happened:
Colton: Is this for their marriage?
Me: Do you mean their wedding?
Colton: we have to go to their marriage?
Me: Yes.
Colton: EWWWW! I hate watching people kiss.
If only I could bottle that up and keep it for in about ten years. ;)

We were at Church hanging around after Master Club head ended. Colton was brought to me with a dent in the middle of his chest, tears in his eyes and shortness of breath. Turns out he was climbing on a stack of chairs and fell over and they landed on top of him. After a quick call to Fureman Daddy (who of course was at work) I was instructed to take him in....on to our fifth Emergency room trip. Luckily, this was one time where we were sent away with instructions to take it easy and a diagnosis of a "bruised sternum". This kid is going to make me turn gray FAST!

We were having a family date night and were taking the kiddos to see the new Star Wars Movie. I was craving brownies that night and decided to make some to stash in my purse for a movie snack. I'm really the only family member that cares any lick about brownies but I asked everybody if they would want some anyways. When it came Colton's turn to answer me his reply was priceless...." I do not want brownies, but I will take one and give it to my wife when she needs a little bit of chocolate." Out of the mouths of babes!


We went to the park to burn some energy and go outside. Colton was on the swings and decided to jump off. He was super proud of himself and asked me to watch. I responded with "Cool! Just like flying like Superman". I proceeded to give him an underdog and then turned my back to check on Emma when I heard a blood curdling scream. He had stood up on the seat of the swing, waited until he was at the very top and then jump off. This time though, he did not land on his feet but on his arm, breaking his elbow. I dknew something was wrong because when I looked at him he was not moving and his arm looked funny. Matt was at work so I called our next door neighbor who is also a fireman and he came down, told me it was probably broken and helped me get him back to the car. Long story short it was broken in three places. One horizontally across the bone and then each side diagonally. We had to stay in the hospital with him one night in case they did surgery on him and to control his pain.

What I saw when they removed his long sleeve shirt...yep I started crying then.

In the hospital he was very weepy and distraught. At one point, matt told him he needed to be tough just a little bit longer and Colton's reply was "I'm all out of being tough"....

The ambulance ride to a different hospital

We ended up having to take him home to allow the swelling to go down and then readmit him into the hospital three days later for surgery (four pins). After his surgery he was a little (okay a lot) drugged up and I was staying by his bed the entire time while Matt sat in the chair off to the side. After awhile Colton perked up a little and told me " go sit in Daddy's seat so he can come up here cause you stole his spot". I was a little hurt underneath the laughter until a few minutes later he called over to me and asked "Mommy, will you come and put your hand here?" (as he gestured to his hand, meaning for me to hold it). Then I felt much better knowing the little man needed BOTH his mommy and his Daddy.

I had to buy a long PVC pipe for a science project we were doing and the leftovers I gave to Colton to play with. Matt taught him how to saw through it and make a fountain out of it. Fast forward to this day.....
Colton and Makenzie were swimming out in the backyard when Colton decided to amp things up a bit and started throwing pool toys at Makenzie. He was being a bully and a little rough but he was also throwing things that were soft and pliable at her. She, in return, picked up the object that was nearest to her. Unfortunately for Colton it was a jagged piece of PVC pipe we had bought earlier in the month and it landed right smack dab in the middle of Colton's to the ER we went. Fortunately all it needed was glue.


Before church Colton had his cds playing and was listening to "America The Beautiful". On the way to church he pipes up and says "Momma, did you know that God can make anything?" *pause* "even a plane out of fruit." I was completely puzzled so I first confirmed his statement and then asked him why he said that. His reply was priceless... "you know, the song mom. The one that talks about "fruited plains". Hehehehehe!

Colton came up to me, proceeded to flex his biceps and announced "Mom, say hello to strong and stronger" and then kissed each one of them. (OMG)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

My Kenzie Girl #2

I have been trying my hardest to keep up with the silly things that my kiddos do and say in order to be able to share it with them in the future. This is the easiest way I have found to be able to do that. This is Makenzie's second post and it starts almost a year ago.

May 31st
We were over at Matt's parents house (like we are often on a Sunday night) and Titan was out in the front yard with us, watching as the kids played. Like any dog, he leans down and starts licking himself. Kenzie looks over and laughs "Momma, look! Ty is eating his butt!"

June 25th
I had sent Kenzie to go potty before naptime when all of a sudden I heard a blood curdling scream from the bathroom. I run to assess the damages and there she is sitting on the toilet FREAKING OUT. I ask her what happened and she replies "my leg, it hurts". I look down at her leg and see nothing. I ask her what happened to make her leg hurt. She replies "The fly. It got me". Apparently a fly landed on her leg...causing the excessive screaming. ALL GIRL!

June 26th
We were at Andrew Patton's 30th birthday party when Kenzie asked me to take her potty. As we are in the bathroom. She looks up at me and says "Momma, you and brother build legos together...(she then gets a big smile and starts to giggle)...and we pee together". --I couldn't help bust out laughing--

September 14th
I was giving Kenzie a bath and she was pretending to mix some ingredients. When I inquired what she was mixing she replied with "garlic, soda, and chocolate milk"....ummmm YUM?

October 9th
In our circle time of school we always pray for a missionary out of the prayer cards I have in a little basket. We also will look on the globe where they are. Yesterday I pulled the Runions in North Carolina out and asked Kenzie to pray for them. She prayed " thank you for daddy and keep him safe. Pray for school and thank you for the onions". 😂...close enough right!?!

October 14th
I came home from church with a really bad stomach ache. I'm talking "my husband was googling appendicitis systems" bad. Anways, I was trying to put the kiddos to bed and I was all hunched over when Makenzie looks up at me and asks "Momma, are you getting old?....Yep! Yes, I am. ;)

I overheard a conversation that Kenzie was having with Matt. It went something like this, Kenzie: "If you eat chocolate than it makes your heart better" Matt: Really!?! Who told you that?  Kenzie: Momma.    Hehehe of course I did!

Matt had just come home from work and he picked Kenzie up and was cuddling her all nice and giving her loves. She had the sweetest look on her face and seemed to be totally engrossed in her Daddy when she piped up "Daddy, you have spider webs in your nose!" Hahaha! The things kids say!

I had to run to the store, which all my kids hate when I announce that. When I pulled into the Fred Meyer parking lot, Makenzie asked from the backseat "Momma, what is that place?" I replied with "Fred Meyers". She then disagreed "No, its Walmart". I replied "No, sweetie its Fred Meyers. This went back and forth about three more times when I finally spoke up and said "Makenzie, the name is Fred Meyers, do not argue with Momma". There was silence for a few minutes and then she replied back "Okay, momma. But I will call it Walmart." Hahahahaha!

Sometime After October 2015
Makenzie was sitting on the back of one of our chairs and Matt was sitting in the chair in front her. As she is massaging her Daddy's head she exclaims "Daddy...your hair is gelous!" (a mixture of gel and jealous). :)